Monday, June 17, 2013

Eyebrow Regrowth Recipes


Eyebrow Regrowth
1oz olive oil
1oz castor oil
1 tbl spoon cayenne pepper(stimulates blood to surface)

Eyebrow Regrowth 2
1oz castor oil
1tblsp cayenne pepper
1 tsp megatek
1/2oz silk amino acids

Disclaimer: I haven't tried these. I compiled them a long time ago from a hair forum where it they were said to work. Try at your own risk. Thanks for visiting. :-)


  1. Great recipes! Both are great stimulators for hair growth.. I don't know how I feel about putting cayenne pepper that close to my eyes to my eyes though....knowing me it would end up in my

  2. I know right? I'm scared too. I found these recipes a long time ago and kept them in case I'd them. Hell, I freak out when I get shampoo in my eyes. lol

  3. I use Latisse and I get mine from Mexico. It's a lot cheaper than buying in the states. When my girlfriend goes back home, I usually ask her to pick up some Retin A and Latisse for me. Sheila @The Frugal Exerciser

  4. Sheila how long have you been using Latisse? How do you like it? I'm scared to use it after hearing all those damn side effects in the commercial.

  5. I have been using for a while now. I went to an eyebrow expert and she told me to use a combination between Latisse & Revitalash. Side effects are for the eyelashes turning blue eyes brown, no problem for eyebrows. I also stopped waxing and threading. If one wants to regrow the brows those have to go first.


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