Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hair Terms

I've compiled list of terms to guide you all on your journey through the hair forums. Enjoy.

LHCF - Long Hair Care Forum

BHM - Black Hair Media

SSK or Single Strand Knot - knots that normally formed on the ends of your hair due to tight coils and/or dryness. Normally found in natural kinky coily hair but I have also found them on my relaxed ends. I also had them a lot when I natural. Remedy involves cutting them off, and heavier moisturizing and sealing to prevent them.

S&D or Search & Destroy - to individually cut split ends and sometimes single strand knots from single strands. Not every strand is going to have splits. So what you do is go through your hair and search from split ends and cut them off with sharp scissors of course. I do this by sectioning my hair and sitting in front of my computer with a white screen on so I can easily see the splits and snip. I normally do this when I wear my hair out and it starts to tangle on the ends. You may not get all of them but it will make a hell of a difference.

BC or Big Chop - to cut off lots of damaged hair leaving healthy hair behind. Normally when going natural or if you have a lot of damaged ends, or if you just feel like cutting your hair.

DC or Deep Condition - to add conditioner to your hair after a wash, cover with plastic cap, and sit under a heat source for normally 20 to 30 minutes. There are variations in that people go for longer than 30 minutes, or use body heat all day, over night, or shorter. This can also be done on dry hair; known as a DC on dry hair.

Co-wash or Conditioner Wash - to wash the hair with conditioner only.

SHS or Scissor Happy Stylist - stylist who cuts too much hair off.


NL - Neck Length
CBL - Collar Bone Length
SL - Shoulder Length
APL - Armpit Length
BSL - Bra Strap Length
MBL - Mid-Back Length
WL - Waist Length
TBL - Tail Bone Length
HL - Hip Length

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