Friday, September 06, 2013

The Mora Clutch Worn 3 Ways

I’m always looking for different ways to style my Moruka Designs Mora Clutch and I've come up with 3 so far. I like to pair it with contrasting colours to make it really pop. First there was the Unsual Star Jewelry Trunk Show in April. I went neutral and let the clutch stand out.

Photo: Unusual Star Jewelry

Then this pink Forever 21 dress and nude shoes. I thought it would be awesome to wear them together with the clutch for a Mother's Day Fashion show.

And lastly, I stumbled upon some high waisted denim shorts I bought back in ‘05 or ‘06. I wore it with this cute yellow & cream shirt and nude shoes then let the Mora Clutch do it's thing again. 

I didn't realize until recently that I had worn this clutch with three different outfits already. This is actually one of my favorites from my line. Who would have thought that this fabric that I bought three years ago near Fort Hamilton to attempt making a dress(that was never made) would turn into something so totally unexpected and beautiful? The clutch is actually named after Mora Street; a street in my childhood neighbourhood in Guyana. Don't really know why I picked the name, it just popped in my head a couple weeks after making it. I like it. :-) 

Check out the Mora Clutch in my Etsy Shop here & here. I made it in two styles. 


  1. Loving the clutch w. the V closure. I'm definitely feeling the first look as it's closer to something I'd wear on a daily basis. But you're working all those outfits. Yaaas honey, you go girl! lol

  2. The clutch works so well with all 3 outfits, its so versatile. I'd normally shy away from purchasing a pattern but seeing the way you style it makes me want to break out of my rut

  3. Girl go ahead. I never used to dress like this either but I took the chance.

  4. That is really nice. I'm sure that would a been a beautiful dress but that clutch is hot! I like it with the third look. Now I want some high waisted shorts too. lol

  5. Thanks girl. I had no what kind of dress I was going to make lol. Go get you some high waisted shorts girl!

  6. you look so pretty and i love this clutch

    Will you like to follow each-other

  7. Sure Sandeep! I'll go check out your blog.

  8. I love that bag...its gorgeous:) you rocked that clutch with each look tho

  9. Thank you Nonee. It's my fave clutch from my line.


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